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Start with your proyect is very easy...


To get the tattoo you have in mind, everything starts by contacting us. Describe the idea that you have around your head, from the contact form you can easily send us the information we need to start sketching your design.

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Once we have contacted and accepted the agreed price for your customized design, you can make the deposit. You will be in constant contact with the illustrator and you will be an active part of the process. Remember that it is your ideas that we want to capture on paper!

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When you are completely convinced that the final result of the design is what you wanted and that the time has finally come to visit your tattoo artist to start giving life to your tattoo, you can end the creation process.

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Finish paying the amount agreed to access the files of your design, you can download and print the template of your tattoo to go with it to your favorite studio and your tattoo artist begins with his part of the job

Price list

Designs Price List



Imagen de ejemplo del plan basico para tatuajes de hasta 10x15cm, pequeño buho en tobillo
  • Custom Design
  • 1 Element
  • Size 10x15cm
  • High resolution file



Imagen de ejemplo del plan mediado para tatuajes de hasta 21x15cm, tribal en la espalda
  • Custom Design
  • 1-2 Combined elements
  • Size 21x15cm
  • High resolution file



Imagen de ejemplo del plan grande para tatuajes de hasta 30x21cm, tatuaje en el homoplato
  • Custom Design
  • More than 2 Combined elements
  • Size 30x21cm
  • High resolution file


from 349€

Imagen de ejemplo del plan deluxe para tatuajes de tamaño personalizado.
  • Custom Design
  • Combine what you want
  • Custom sizes
  • High resolution file

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If you have any questions, or if you are interested in having more information about our work, send us this contact form and we will respond in the shortest time possible.

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